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Laptop repair training and Graphic card, Laptop repairs

Learn BGA rework with confidence

1. ball grid array  chips detailed understandings
2. analysis of leaded and un leader solders
3.meaning of weak joints
4.understanding of unleaded convertions
5. observation of different solder balls of 0.76mm/0.6 mm/0.5 mm/0.45mm/0.40mm/0.35 mm/0.30mm
6. detailed understanding of solid bga flux and liquid bga fluxes
7. knowing of 90mm/90mm stencils
8. knowing of80mm/80 mm stencils
9. knowing of heated stencils
10 knowinf of different bga chip holders 
11. detailed understanding of thermal profiles for safe bga removal
12. real programming of bga machine for profile setting
13. reball theory and concepts
14. bga pad repair
15.solder mask repair
16.bga pad oxidation removal
17. creating jigs for bga reball ideas
18 reballing popular chips like hm 65,hm55,slj8e,845,865,801gb,nvidia,ati,amd and other bga ics
19 bga reball using solder gum (very new concept)
 you can also bring your own motherboards for practice
only on saturday 
time 10am to 2.30 pm




10 AM TO 2.30 PM

call 9844532392 for details