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Laptop repair training and Graphic card, Laptop repairs

Laptop training CRASH course 18 days


Aris computers provide latest laptop chip level training with 100% practical hands on training. We provide

identification and fault finding of Resistors,capacitors,diodes,Trasistors,MOSFETs

reading and checking of Network resistors,capacitors

detailed usage of MULTIMETER in diode mode/buzzer mode/resistor mode is shown

detailed tracing of voltage regulatory module circuits

detailed understanding of schematic and circuit diagrams

testing and understanding of 3V ALW , 5V ALW ,3v LDO,5V LDO Circuits

testing and understanding of RAM voltage circuits

testing and understanding chipset voltage circuits

testing and understanding CPU and GFX voltage circiuts

testing and understanding USB ,HDD,ODD voltage circuits

testing and understanding of battery charging and discharging circuits

Laptop BIOS file system and number system detailed understanding

BIOS programming using RT809F programmer

super I/O  programming of ENE 9012 and ITE 8586 ideas

BGA ic removal,REBALL and soldering

Practical usage of solder gun,Hot air Blower,desolder wick,desolder gun

soldering and desoldering of connectors,LAN ic,Sound ic,Super I/O ic,Mosfet,Capacitors, and many others ics

Cable and strip joing,LVDS cable repair

Plastic panel moulding ,Refabrication,hinge repairs

large collection BIOS files,schematic diagrams,Super I/O bios, and data sheets

equivalent IC details provided

Solutions for common problems like No power ON,No display,DIM display,White display,bluescreen error,OS not installing 


10 AM TO 2.30 PM 



COST RS 18,000.00