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Laptop repair training and Graphic card, Laptop repairs


1.   Different parts of desktop computers
2.   understanding motherboard,atx smps,ide harddisk,sata harddisk.ide dvdrom,sata dvd rom
3.   understanding different parts of motherboard like keyboard port,mouse port,dual port,back pannel usb,
      front pannel usb port,audio jack ports,serial port,parallel port,ide connector,sata connector,
      floppy connector,vga connector,dvi connector,smps connector and others
4.   assembling desktop computer and power connection to all parts
5.   installation of windows xp
6    installation of windows 7
7.   instalation of windows 8
8.   installation of windows 10
9.   installation of vga driver,chipset driver,audio driver,lan driver,wlan/wifi driver and others
10. installation of applications,antivirus and others  
11. understanding of different types of rams like ddr1,ddr2,ddr3,ddr3L etc
12. understanding different parts laptop
13. disassembly and assembling of  HP laptop
14. disassembly and assembling of COMPAQ laptop
15. disassembly and assembling of LENOVO laptop
16. disassembly and assembling of dell laptop
17. disassembly and assembling of toshiba laptop
18. disassembly and assembling of sony laptop
 18A  creating of bootable windows dvd and windows usb pen drive using images
19. replacement of 14inch squaes lcd,14.0 lcd,15.6 lcd etc
20. identifing lcd and led screens
21. display cable cutting and joining
22. touchpad cable repair,power switch cable repair,de jack cable repair,dc jack repalcement,adopter cable repair
23. laptop body re fabrication,hinges repair
24. restoring windows from recovery partition
25. quick harddisk to harddisk duplicating(for for original windows recovery partition)
25  data recovery from formated harddisk
26. data recovery from deleted partition 
27. L1 and L2 repair of motherboard
28. windows7,windows8,windows10 user password removal techniques
29. bios flashing using dvd 
30  bios flashing from usb disk
31. using of soldergun and hotair blower
32. replacement of keyboard connector,usb connector,sound connector,VGA connector,capacitors,smps connector and others
33. nvidia and ati and intel reflow techniques

                               and many more new things in repairs




4:30 PM TO 6:30 PM

COST  RS 15,000-00